A Class Act

     What is a “class act”?  Most folks think it’s a job or performance so well done that it has no equal or competition.  When a 10 score is perfect, the class act is a 15 or 20.  How about the other extreme “class act” or total fiasco?  The fire boat burned and sank.  Or a drowned life guard at a L.G. training seminar. (An impeached president for lying under oath)?
     My wife & I recently fell in the bad “class act” category.  We came into Oahu Hawaii on the cheap, figuring we could find military lodging without prior reservations. (Dumb)  After checking all options and dragging our luggage for miles we realized we were “high& dry.”  A last option of sleeping on the beach was also negative – its not only unsafe & illegal, but it rains in HI; especially in late September.
     Enter the providence of God.  It is amazing how prayer changes things.  And not just the diligent – pray till you pass out kind. But the bashful – praying quietly in your dizzy & tired mind kind of prayer.  That’s the kind we did.  And God changed our lemon situation into almost divine lemonade.  We fell into a private A.F. camp ground we didn’t know existed.  With a small rented tent on a beach front site complete with restroom/shower facility only 30 steps away and a discount convenience market 100 yards away.  Then the Lord provided a 4” foam mattress free of charge.  And this beach is said to be one of the top ten “most beautiful” in the world, complete with Aloha birds.
    Now I realize that vast quantities of people feel that answered prayer is really just a coincidence or lucky break. They also feel that the essence of religion is only a good positive attitude.  But my experience since ’72 has been with an active God who gives His presence and favors freely (if we are being genuine in our faith).  It seems that a lot of religious folks work hard to cultivate a concept of God that is devoid of power, and loaded with traditions of unbelief.  The baggage, complications, and junk of some denominations tends to quench the Spirit.  See "Church Vitality" link #13.  My experiment with Christianity from 1972 has been simple – BELIEVE, PRAY, AND EXPECT.  Maybe this is why my God is a GOOD “Class Act”.
     “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”.  Philippians 4:6    “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”.   Hebrews 13:8       “Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you”.    1 Peter 5:7
     God has been in the business of blessing people since Biblical times.  Are you receiving your share of His mercy, grace, kindness, HOLY SPIRIT, wonders, etc?  If not, why not?  The salvation of Jesus Christ is available free to “whosoever” will ask for it.  Choose Jesus.  He is alive.  Find out why myself and so many millions KNOW that the Christian God is a “Class Act”.     See also “What’s In It For Me?”   Link #28

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