Dog Eat Dog *  

     I’ve been told that this world of ours is a “Dog Eat Dog” world. I grew up in south Phoenix, Arizona where things were no different. My mother related an incident to me that occurred in the back yard next door. Those folks had 3 dogs which were not fed especially well & were hungry – real hungry. A smaller dog strayed by & squeezed in the fence gate to make friends. The resident pit bulls killed the smaller dog, then pulled it apart – “tug of war” style. At which time the 3rd resident hungry dog grabbed parts that fell out of the middle & ate them. It was sad that Mom had to witness that canine altercation by those neighborhood “pets,” especially since she was such a polite & delicate lady who loved dogs.
    Well our world is also prone to “dog eat dog” in human arenas. How about the family; where sibling rivalry can be “dog eat dog?” How about the work place? How about national politics where Democrats & Republicans are constantly hostile to each other. It’s almost like us Americans have two separate governments with very different agendas, that hate each other. Between religions there is plenty of tension. Someone once said “in a town that has 10 religions there will be harmony, but if only 2 they will fight – “dog eat dog.” Even between the different factions of Christianity there is tension & bickering. The apostle Paul said “If you bite and devour one another take heed that you are not consumed by one another.” Galatians 5:15 That was a clear warning against religious “dog eat dog.”
     I find it interesting but sad that the Jewish Messiah, who was predicted in scripture to come to the nation of Israel, but when He did, there was a serious “dog eat dog” political & religious climate waiting for Him. Jesus was very careful to fulfill all predictions and do teaching, lots of healings, feeding THOUSANDS with a few loaves & fish, walking on water/calming storms, RAISING DEAD at least three times, etc, etc. In spite of it all, the religious leaders (Pharisees & Sadducees) arrested Jesus; then took Him to the Roman leaders who occupied the promised land at that time. To add “insult to injury” at Christ’s false trial they incited the crowds to ask for a known criminal to be released & crucify Jesus.
     Now I have always been one to ask “why” too often. And when I ask why is this such a “dog eat dog” world? I get some comfort knowing that God in the flesh Himself (John 14:9) came here to experience the “ugliness,” knowing there would be an altercation.  But I get more comfort knowing that in Christ’s death & resurrection, God’s salvation & Spirit are released to the believer. That salvation package has numerous benefits that help to lift the individual above the fray. (See “What’s in it for Me?" link 29)  Daily walking with Jesus can also help avoid the “pit bulls” of this world. (See “Divine Presence” link 73)  Then of course Faith is the key or catalyst that activates the whole process. (See “Faith” link 75)
    The ultimate solution to dealing with a “Dog Eat Dog” world such as ours is to die & go to heaven. (But most folks prefer to postpone that solution as long as possible – me too.) But Christ did discuss & explain heaven/eternal life in detail: “He who believes in the Son has eternal life” John 3:36 “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?” John 14:2 (The gospel of John contains lots more on the Eternal Life subject.)
   Finally I should say in this “Dog Eat Dog” world we are not likely to change it much, considering the nature of man & what is in the air (Ephesians 6.) But we can be changed ourselves by the touch of Christ. And that makes a huge difference. Choose Jesus, He is Alive.

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* This title & illustration is a “guy thing,” and could be offensive to sensitive minded souls.