It is my desire to have a perspective that avoids the narrow boundaries invented by teams of like minded theologians. - ("Religion Divides" - Link 32) "Cutting through the chase" is my goal and writing style. If these essays stir up interest in the Bible or Christ, and lead to even one(1) soul finding God, then I will be satisfied. These "Gospel-notes" can be used as free tracts. Just print them out on standard 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper, then fold them two times each way so that the title is on top.   The index is link 1 which also prints out on standard paper.  Feedback can be put on the Facebook page "Fred J Stone".
      I was born & raised in South Phoenix, AZ.  After graduating high school in '69, I joined the Army to be a helicopter mechanic/door gunner.  I served a year in Viet Nam & made a deeper commitment to follow Christ in '72.  God confirmed the relationship with many miracles.  Then in '77 came a dynamic revelation of Jesus Christ in a spiritual dream ("I Saw the King" - link 7).   And I try to put my miracles & spiritual events into the fabric of the "notes".  If those "events" are real, it would be wrong to forget or deny them.  Interesting enough, those who call me a liar are usually established religious folk & ministers.  (To those critics my only response is, "I am not a crook".)
      I spent most of my 21 year Army career as a Chaplain's assistant.  During that time, in '73 I married Fran and we had 3 kids (one adopted); and studied for civilian ministry through Berean School of the Bible, Springfield, Missouri.  The "gospel-notes" began in about '77 as a natural outflow of military ministry & outreach to soldiers.  This writing ministry & additional "notes" have continued for the 40 years since then. 
      I have restored several homes in Oklahoma & Arizona, then got a contractor's license & built new ones.  My wife and I manage & maintain rental property, which we built locally.  We attend church in Cottonwood, AZ, both Protestant & Catholic. 
      On the subject of Social Suicide, I may be a natural at this from an early age.  And when an outsider like me handles Religion & Politics & Old Age, etc. even in a creative manner, he is sure to lose any popularity contest, secular or religious.  ​My favorite philosophical cartoonist said this, "One of my greatest talents is the ability to be misunderstood by large numbers of people." Ashleigh Brilliant 
      A word about evangelism.  "Evangelism is just one beggar telling another where to find bread."  D.T. Niles   "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek."  Romans 1:16

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