​  Freedom In Forgiveness

      “Put the anger down and step away from the pain and nobody gets hurt.” I imagine an angelic policeman might yell at us through a bullhorn. God directed us to forgive. Not once, not twice, not even seven times. Jesus told Peter to forgive seventy times seven. As a matter of fact, God’s forgiveness for us, is in some ways connected to our forgiveness of others (see parable in Matthew 18:23-35). Our response is often “But I already forgave so and so”. Our words ring hollow because too often the very thing we forgave keeps rearing it’s ugly head in our lives long after the offense occurred. With our minds and memory we resurrect the pain and hurt and relive it thereby giving it new life. Thereby granting permission for the memory to hurt us again.  (see "Dragons of the Mind" link 185.)  When we truly release those hurts and frustrations to God we shall not be tormented again. If we give them to God and then some “trigger” comes along to cause that pain to resurface we take it back away from God, and God being a gentleman, He let’s us have it back. At that moment we need to give it back to God, forgive again the one who offended us and get on with our lives.  
     It is our pride and arrogance that makes us wrap ourselves in that mantle of guilt and shame. That sense of “Oh, look at how miserable I am!,” the comfort of being a “victim”, and all it’s accompanying pity, draws us back to the old proverbial vomit, like a dog. Cast it away, and when it comes back, cast it away again. Get “Freedom in Forgiveness.” The Lord’s Prayer directs us to Forgive “....forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Jesus points out both sides of the same coin. We forgive, we are forgiven. By forgiving we grant ourselves Freedom. God loves his children. He does not want us to relive the pain again. Forgive and give it to God. If you need to, forgive again, and again. God forgives us over and over, who are we to do otherwise?
     How to do it. There is Power in the spoken word. God spoke the world into existence. Jesus cast out demons with the spoken word. Jesus calmed the storm at his spoken word. With our words we have the power to heal or hurt. With our words we Bless and curse. We shall be held accountable for every word we utter. Matthew 12:36 “The tongue has power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.” Proverbs 18:21 To get healed, speak out loud “I forgive so and so, who has done whatever. I place this act into God’s hands and I will trust God to deal with it,” or “I forgive this person for the offense that I have allowed to continually hurt me. I ask for Blessing on that person.” Or Pray both.
     We convince ourselves we deserve to be angry, we think “Wasn’t I wronged? Wasn’t I hurt? Wasn’t I . . .?” And the anger seethes. The anger becomes like rottenness to our bones. “A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22 Our self righteousness turns to pride and our pride kills us. “Everyone who is PROUD in heart is an abomination to the Lord.” Proverbs 16:5 
     The Lord of the universe desires your happiness. He has given you the power to be healed. He has given you the power to forgive. If you struggle to forgive, ask God for the strength to forgive. God will appreciate the conversation and you will be blessed with Freedom. Don’t delay, your last day on earth could be any day. Live the rest of your life in Freedom - Forgive! Of course knowing Christ makes forgiveness a lot easier -- Choose Jesus, He is alive.

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