I Saw the King

     This message was originally titled “Who Is The Right One?”; it was penned in 2009. And this is a question that has been asked in many ways by millions of people for thousands of years. It can be a political question or a religious question; but history is the record of how people & nations have dealt with the question and the consequences of their answer.
     The writer of this, thought J.C. was probably the “right one” and made a commitment to follow Him in ‘72. It was an amazing journey with no disappointments, but in ‘77 in a spiritual dream (Joel 2:28) Jesus identified Himself in no uncertain terms. In the middle of an ordinary night while we were living in Key West, Florida there was an understanding in my mind that I was going to see Jesus. I traveled a long distance, I don’t know how but the understanding or theme of the dream didn’t change. I came to a large park and was walking through when I came to an old style arched footbridge. At the top of the rise I was transfixed due to the sight before me. There were three men in white robes on a small plaza - the size of a tennis court maybe. The man in the middle was VERY unique from the other two. I knew from instinct it was Jesus Christ. He had presence & bearing beyond ANY man of this planet. Prototype man? He seemed larger than the other two. Over his white robe was a golden brown vest made of an animal skin hair side out. It was bold & beautiful. His face was absolutely horrible due to large and numerous disfiguring scars but there was a glow about the scars. His hair was striking beyond words. It stood up & out like an afro, or the mane of a lion, but bolder maybe due to the silver grey color.
     After a few seconds of beholding this sober scene, He turned somewhat & looked straight at me. His gaze was penetrating like the gaze of your mother, that unconditional love look – knowing all your faults. He spoke three words only – “LEARN OF ME.” That voice was the voice of God. If I ever had any doubt of the godhood of Christ that voice cleared away all doubts. (see Psalm 29)
     So “Who is the right one” - for me there is no doubt it’s Jesus Christ.  Interesting enough, in my dream He quoted from the New Testament. Matthew 11:29 “Take my yoke upon you, and LEARN OF ME; for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.” In another place He says, “I am the way, & the truth, & the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 If we are looking for the “right one” & the “right way”, following Christ is the answer. There may be a lot of political & religious confusion, but that is exactly why Jesus came to the world the way he did.  
     He is truly the King of the universe & He has the power to come to each person as an individual. He will come to you if you want Him to. Choose Jesus - He is alive. See also Isaiah 6:5, 9:6, 52:13-15   See also "Divine Dreams" link 174 and "Was Jesus God?" link 97.

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