We humans live in a world where we naturally experience reality through our five senses – touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste.  Then the word tangible applies – capable of being exactly comprehended, able to be treated as a fact; real; concrete.  Now the subject of religion or divine things is experienced in a different way because God seems to be invisible.  I think religions are seriously challenged world wide due to this problem.  It may account for the fact why there are thousands of religions in this world and much confusion on the subject.  If I were God I would try to simplify matters – maybe I’d hang out in space visible like the moon & reach down with a long stick or finger to remind folks of my standards & plans for their eternal futures.    
       But is God really invisible?  If the Christian Bible is valid (billions of people think it is), then He is not invisible at all.  Those who read & believe can see God’s actions from the beginning. We can see the creation process of Genesis 1-3, the great flood chapter 7, Abraham,  Lot & ANGELS Ch. 18,  parting of the Red Sea Exodus Ch. 14,  Elisha raising dead  2 Kings 4, fabulous other miracles of the Old Testament including Jonah & the whale.  Then in the four gospels we have the incarnation - God becoming a man, the atonement of that God-man, then the resurrection (Jesus Christ is the most revealing action of God - overwhelming for those who think).  We then go to the release of the Holy Spirit in Acts and the amazing miracles of Peter, Paul & Silas.  I have personally engaged with God for over 40 years to experience many miracles.  (see  “My Miracles” link #33.)   For those who read & believe, the awesome miracles of the Bible scream at us of the nature & character & presence of a wonderful Supreme Being. Miracles are God’s signature.  I believe He is not invisible at all, He just expects us to use FAITH to “see” Him.  Then nature itself reveals God.  For a poetic & timeless picture read Psalm 19:1-4.
      Now is God distant?  That is exactly what many folks think.  “If God exists, how can He worry about little old me?  I am just a grain of sand on the sea shore.”  Well, if the Supreme Being can be concerned with the design and health of a deep water shrimp and/or an amoeba, then He can be VERY concerned about me and all the details of my life.  It is His immensity that enables God to care for each one of us.   However, humanness & our sin can be a separation.  “…all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.”  Romans 3:23    I think that word “short” speaks of the distance from God many people feel.  It also speaks of their inability to “see” Him.  It is my experience and appeal to others that absorbing Bible truth & reaching to God in FAITH is the way to “see” God. ("Faith" link 75.)  It is not that hard to repent from sin & accept Christ’s salvation.   Rev 3:20  says  “Behold, I stand at the door & knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me."    Why not choose Jesus, he is alive.  See also “What’s In It For Me” link #28

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