Is That A Crutch?

     The crutch is for wounded people who limp along propped up with an adjustable stick with cushioned pads for the armpit.  It seems that Christian people who like their relationship with God get accused of needing a “crutch”.  I suppose those young Christian souls in the service or in jail get even more criticism implying they are wounded,  weak & wobbly, etc.
     But wait, aren’t we all wounded with sin & dying an inch at a time?  Sure enough that is what the Bible tells us.   Romans  3:23   “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”.     Romans 6:23 “ For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus the Lord”.   Christ comes along and offers the world & individual sinners free salvation;  but too often people don’t want  help  with life thinking they are tough, strong,  self sufficient & certainly don’t want a wobbly “crutch” image.
      Well how about a man that is 100 miles out in the ocean treading water, the boat sank and its gone.   The water is not too cold - the sun not too hot & he is young & strong.  Jesus comes along walking on the water and looks at this man & says, “my son, you can’t save yourself & there may be sharks out here.  How long do you think you can tread water”?  Mr. Boatless says, “I'm tough & strong & self sufficient - I think about 2 days”.  Jesus says “O.K., I’ll help you when you’re ready”.   But at the end of a few hours Mr. Boatless gets smarter & reaches up for the hand of the Lord.  "There's a Man among us named Jesus. Wherever we are, he sees us.  If in need of a hand, he's ready to stand.  If only we ask, He frees us".*  (From the sea of despair up to the warmth of God's blessing.)    “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin & death”. Romans 8:2 
     The “crutch” accusation for Christians has been around a long time.  So have other forms of persecution & rejection.  2 Timothy 3:12   But my experience with Christ & his blessing makes it all worthwhile even if some think we’re just weak.  The salvation  package He offers in this life is fabulous & it leads to eternal life in a place called Heaven.  (I only wish I had reached up for J.C. earlier - maybe age 7 instead of 20.)  See Matthew 13:44    Some old dead preacher once said, “He who has Christ as friend has an Almighty friend”.  J. C. Ryle  And that ain’t bad even if some call it a “crutch”.  Choose Jesus -  He is alive.   See also "What's In It For Me?"  Link  #28

*Poem by Fred Stone Jr.   

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