My Miracles
        These events are defined as "something that appears unexplainable by the laws of nature and so are held to be supernatural in origin or an Act of God." Why do miracles happen? Probably to get our attention and change our lifestyle. How does one act or respond when a miracle happens? Various ways for sure but they do make an impression and stick in the memory.
      Since I left home in about ‘69 there has been a lot of these events in my life. Some of them were religious in nature and associated with prayer, but as often they just happened without notice. In ‘69 two mysterious visions, (one of heaven & one of a demon) may have been my miracle "kick-off." Shortly after that an angel steered my VW when I was too plastered with dope & booze to keep it on the freeway. I could feel someone or something else steering, but I was alone in that car!     I prayed for leg healing in Army basic when my arches failed & the 10 mile forced march was no where near ended. I felt strength flow into my legs from the knees down (where the bad pain was) & I finished the march & basic without being recycled.    I quietly prayed for a crosswind one afternoon when we were in an army jeep behind a tracked vehicle which was making terrible dust & I couldn’t see to drive. That was the boldest miracle - the whole immediate air mass seemed to just lift and shift its direction exactly as I said "amen."    Our radiator busted in the middle of the core as we entered Yellowstone Park in our rusty ‘59 Ford pick up. We prayed for a solution & God fixed that radiator - it never leaked again till I put in another one 2,000 miles later.    Jesus showed me his hands one night with nail holes in the palm. I had been stressed out because the chaplain didn’t want me discussing religion while on duty in the chapel.    A few years later in a spiritual dream I saw some of the art of heaven.    In another spiritual dream I saw my deceased mother playing an organ in heaven (which was one of her hobbies in life.)    On a cruise ship I heard an angel speak to me about our adoptive daughter. Recently my right knee was becoming seriously painful & was healed after prayer at church. This list is only some of the miracles we have experienced. We would be glad to discuss any of these if someone wants more details.
     Now it is amazing to me that most church people & even clergy seem to be uneasy when the miracle subject is mentioned. Maybe they associate the subject with fanaticism or Pentecostalism or mental delusions. But the Bible has miracles from cover to cover, Old Testament and New. I don’t have any problem believing in Biblical accounts of the miraculous - especially since my experience tracks well with scripture. It may be that some modern minded people & debominations have a faith block (something like a mental block.) Mark 6:5-6 Maybe they just don’t want to go out on a limb for Jesus. But I will - even if it breaks off. See Job 13:15 
       Have faith in God and the salvation of Jesus Christ. Be open to miracles and let the Spirit "flow" in your life. My faith experience has been an adventure I wouldn’t change, critics not withstanding. See Revelation 3:20, Matthew 18:19, Mark 11:22-24, Hebrews 13:8 The New Testament is LOADED with miracle stories and I figure those people were no different than we are. They had needs - we have needs. God wants to supply our needs and He may choose to use the miraculous.   I’ll take whatever He supplies because I know He is a good God & will frequently exceed my expectations.  He'll exceed yours too.  Choose Jesus & His Spirit - they are alive.  See also link 7 "I Saw The King".

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