Religious Human Nature  

     I’ve heard it said that humans have a deep religious instinct which is common to all. This amounts to “Religious Human Nature”. And, “most people have some sort of religion. (At least they know which church they’re staying away from.” LOL, John Erskine) This Gospel-note will touch some charming aspects of our religious nature that the previous “note” left out.
-- It is “Religious Human Nature” to say, “I am RIGHT, you’re NOT.”
-- It’s R.H.N. that says proudly, “We believe whatever we want to believe, and we do not need any               rational or legitimate basis for our belief system.” 
-- R.H.N. invents it’s own gods & says, “I (we) don’t need no Bible or Jesus either.”
-- R.H.N. will swallow a big lie such as polygamy, and make a taboo of a small issue like drinking coffee or     tea. Jesus said something about “straining out a gnat & swallowing a camel.” (Matthew 23:24 – all of       that chapter speaks loudly of false religion.)
-- R.H.N. gathers arguments to support false beliefs instead of studying the WORD for answers. We         should use the Scriptures instead of flimsy man-made proofs of false doctrine. “Study to show               thyself approved . . .” 2 Timothy 2:15
-- R.H.N. replaces God’s revealed standard of righteousness (John 3:16, 36) with self works such as           community service or animal rescue, etc., etc. See “I Don’t Eat Pork” link 155.
-- It’s R.H.N. to over emphasize minuscule issues such as the right day of worship or the right style of      baptism or the right diet w/o meat, etc. Then ignore vital issues like the Lordship of Christ & His           Atonement, Authority of Scripture, etc.
-- R.H.N.: “I am popular in my social circle, & these are decent church people – I must be right w/God.”
-- It’s R.H.N. to say of one’s faith or denomination, “THIS is THE PLACE to find God – those other             churches are a waste of time.
   The New Testament reveals to us that many people “have a form of Godliness w/o the power thereof”.  2 Timothy 3:5    That has to be a subtle ref. to “Religious Human Nature”. – Playing all kinds of social & religious games w/God w/out really connecting. And R.H.N. can be eternally misleading when J.C. at judgment time may say, “I never knew you”, Matthew 7:21-23. The place to find legitimate spiritual vitality is in one’s decision & determination & commitment. This amounts to praying thru, if we focus that “prayer” into Biblical truth & the Salvation of Jesus. Afterwards “Divine Presence” (link 73) can be felt. Prayer becomes more natural & spontaneous, “about everything”, Philippians 4:6 ("What Is Prayer?" link 37)  And God answers, which is a matter of having substance & depth in our faith – not just the veneer of R.H.N.
    Well, I believe our “Religious Human Nature” is a subtle bucket of slime. We all need to “beat the system” by accepting Christ’s free salvation, then cultivating that relationship.  (See “Serving God”, link 9.)  When we allow Christ to regenerate & transform us, a new life & nature truly begins. “O ye who would enter the glorious rest, And sing with the ransomed the song of the blest, The life everlasting, if ye would obtain, ye must be born again.” Anon. Choose Jesus & His Nature. They are alive and well, in spite of hell, and R.H.N.

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