These "Gospel notes" started not long after I became acquainted with "the chaplains." I worked with them for 
very close to 20 years, so maybe a look at the chaplain corps is useful. Our military had chaplains from at least 
1776. They are with the troops in battle & in garrison/training. Chaplains provide morale support, religious 
services, baptisms, weddings, funerals, counseling, suicide awareness, and just a general Godly presence in the 
military environment. In battle he is a comforter with the message "death is not the end." The Chaplain is quite 
often the most educated man around, and is a full officer type "chief', while most servicemen are enlisted 
"indians" of the force. Chaps. are non-combatant & cannot carry a weapon - the assistant does that part. I was 
fortunate to become acquainted with them. Indeed it was a DIVINE APPOINTMENT.  (see link 151)
     Chaplains have to be psychologically TOUGH due to the rejection they deal with each day. Most servicemen 
don't join or get drafted to be "churched" but usually the contrary ... Below are some of the chaps. I worked with 
as an enlisted assistant. 
     A - This active Army character was spiritual. I SAW miracles at his hands. Several other chaps. came to his  
           services, not to spy, but to "experience." He was a charismatic SBC. 
     B - This guy was a Nazarene. By accident (or divine appointment) we met & he basically gave me my first job as 
           Chaplain Assistant. He was an inspiring & dynamic holiness preacher. 
     C - This chap was UMC & very liberal. While working with him I started writing "Gospelnotes" which may be 
           part of the reason he fired me. Conservative & liberal bones don't mix too well. .. 
     D - This guy was a Navy officer first. Apparently NOT a man of faith, but much ego & military politics. He 
           probably coached chap. C to get rid of me ... 
     E - This gentleman tolerated my zeal & confided to me that he had to go to a city dinner function and bring out 
           our Brigade commander who was drunk & profane & on the floor. (Tough job for such a nice guy.) He also 
           introduced me to the N.N.O K. duty. That's notifying next of kin, of their serviceman's death. 
     F - This senior chap. was an AME and proud to be groomed for 06 promotion. Atheist assistants were more 
           likely to stay in his service than zealous believers like myself. He & his associate UMC chap. fired me. 
     G - This guy was also a senior career chap. but more of a businessman. He had 25 or so rentals in that Army 
           town. He is the one who got me to thinking about real estate which has been a phenomenal endeavor ...                       Another divine appointment for sure. 
     H - This chap. was a reservist but totally as well educated.  A fine godly gentleman, but his wife couldn't deal 
           with the politics of the ministry, so she divorced him.  After all that education & military schooling he was               out BECAUSE his denomination didn't tolerate clergy divorce. Without civilian clergy endorsement the                     Army had to let him go too - I saw him cry. 
     I - Army Reserve Chap. Dale H. & assistant Bob S. were both fine characters, "a scholar & a gentleman" at                     least.  I saw them in a dream a few days before meeting them. I had been fired in the Nat. Guard for                       "seemingly" false reasons, and that assistant even moved from his AR “slot" so I could have it, & continue                 my humble military career. 
     J - My last chaplain "John" was maybe the finest. A Viet Nam vet who was seriously shot then became a 
           Portland, Oregon police officer for 15 yrs. A 300 lb. belligerent female, who he had to subdue, ruined his                 back. He then schooled to be a chaplain, was excellent & made it all the way to 06. Which goes to show, "you             can't keep a good man down." 
     This incomplete list could go on & on. I will say that chaps. are generally very Godly men. Besides their chapel 
duties, they dealt with bizarre problems - some I couldn't mention. And the 3 times I was fired as chaplain 
assistant, I am glad BECAUSE each time God gave me a better situation in the chap. corps & at least once a permanent promotion. (God takes care of His Own.)  
    So what is the point of this essay? Like a person has a body, mind & SOUL, the Chaplaincy is the SOUL (or conscience) of the military. Our system is well rounded & COMPLETED with the chaplaincy presence. Probably our 
military is the best in the world because our founders wanted the SOUL part of the system to be 
supported/completed. Now is your soul being supported & COMPLETED? If not, why not? Jesus Christ is the 
"Chaplain" of this world & cared enough to die for you. Choose Jesus, he is alive. See John 3:16 Also "The Date" 
link 18, one of the earliest "Gospel-notes."    

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