The Holy Spirit

       God is a trinity – three in one – Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  All major denominations agree to this.  The ages before Christ were mostly the time of the Father.  The few years that Jesus Christ walked the earth was the age of Christ.  Since then it has been the age of the Holy Spirit.  The creeds of the early centuries of the church helped to explain the different roles of each part of the God head, possibly showing the balance that is necessary. 
      In the early years of the last century there was an “out pouring” of the Holy Spirit – many referred to it as the “Baptism of the H.S.”.  This was a movement where people in church became “filled” with the H.S.  & experienced a new power (Acts 2:4), miracles, healings, speaking in other languages they had not learned, dancing around for joy, etc. etc.  This new Pentecost has been hard to swallow for most denominations.  Typically, they object because of Ephesians 4:5 "one baptism," and the argument that it is a short cut to spiritual maturity.  But this movement does have a better FAITH emphasis than most groups, and it could be the predicted event of the last days as described in Joel 2:28-29.   This movement also emphasizes the presence of the H. S. in the individual Christian's daily life. 
      I must admit the validity of the Holy Spirit (even if some accuse me of being a holy roller), because the man who explained Jesus & Christianity to me in ’69 was a retired holiness missionary.  I reluctantly, but sincerely accepted Christ a few months later.  The power & victory of the H.S. came in Feb of ’72, a second touch from above.  Even though tongues were not a big part of my experience (“Do all speak with tongues?” Corinthians 12:30), divine healing & miracles were a part of it.  See “My Miracles” link #33.  My wife & I still enjoy the presence & fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Now the H. S. is the active presence of God in Christianity.  He produces miracles, healing, divine guidance, love, joy, peace, and protection from various evils.  It's sad that most Christians forfeit that package of blessings by grieving and/or rejecting the Holy Spirit.  Liberals, shallows, Jesus only Baptists, etc. too often focus on the Father (which sounds good) but this is the dispensation of Christ & the Holy Spirit.
     The famous evangelist Billy Graham wrote his book on the H.S. in ’78 which I read carefully at that time.  Graham & Calvinists feel they have all the H.S. they need or want and don’t care to do any “seeking” or “asking” for the presence or fullness of it.  To get “filled” they think one must be perfect & sinless first, then completely submitted to God and saturated with faith. (Graham’s  H. S.  Chapter 9)  When I am able to jump over the moon I will try for the H.S. fullness B.G.’s way.  The whole point of the New Testament is that we need God’s power to get there – not our power.  Self effort will only get us as far as "stagnant city."   “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you.”  Acts 1:8   And that has been my experience for 40 years.  There are other spiritual leaders who write books on the H.S..  Like Merlin Carothers “Prison to Praise” ’71, Benny Hinn  “Good Morning Holy Spirit” ’90.  Their experience tracks better with mine.
     The "flowing" Holy Spirit can be your experience too.  There are lots of references to receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit.  Jeremiah  29:13,  John 20:22,  Acts 2:33, Luke 11:13 & the entire book of Acts.  Speaking in tongues might not happen for all, and I personally don’t think it’s essential except maybe as evidence.  But lots of spiritual folks believe the tongues gift is a devotional habit that cultivates the Spirit like nothing else.   The H.S. is capable of identifying & proving Himself in other ways also.   And when you KNOW you have the Holy Spirit flowing in your life, don’t let anyone talk you out of it.  They will try.  And its sad because we all need that extra touch from time to time – it’s very reassuring to know God can and will do miracles, divine guidance, healing, or anything else He wants to in our space.  Sadly lots of folks resist the H.S. and limit their experience.  (see Acts 7:51)
      Choose Jesus and His Spirit – they are alive.  “The Father is the begetter, the Son is the Begotten, and the Holy Spirit is the one flowing from the Father & the Son.” (from Nicene Creed).  Ask for your full share.  See also "Divine Presence" link 73.

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