The Names of Christ

      I think its interesting that people, places & things can have more than one name or title.  A horse for example – equine, steed, war horse, mount, courser, charger, hunter, racer, pacer, trotter, ambler, roadster, saddler, stallion, stud, filly.  The list goes on & on, and various characteristics of a “thing” can be seen in the name.  (I myself have been titled many things – not all complimentary).  But this PERSON Jesus Christ has 102 names & titles given in the Bible from cover to cover.  It fascinates me to pieces that many of Christ’s titles were given thousands of years before he was “officially” born.
     The following list is directly from my Scofield reference Bible, even though I am not Calvinist. The Scofield compilers put the list just following Isaiah 7:14 which says, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”  That is a name which means “God with us.”  Isaiah was inspired to write that about 800 years B. C.
    The last Adam,   an Advocate,   Alpha and Omega,  Amen,   Author of eternal salvation, Beginning and the End,   Beginning of the creation of God,   Blessed and only Potentate,  Branch,   Bread of God,   Bread of Life,  Captain of Salvation,   little Child,   the Christ,   my Companion,   Cornerstone,   Counselor,  David,   Day-spring,   Deliverer,   Desire of All Nations,   Everlasting Father,   Faithful witness,    First and the Last,  Firstborn,  God,   Eternal Blessed God,  Head over all things,   Heir of all things,   High Priest,   the Most Holy,   Holy One,   Horn of Salvation,   Image of God,    Jesus,   the Just (One),   King of Israel,   King of the Jews,   King of kings,   Lamb of God,   the Life,   Bread of Life,   Light of the World,   True Light,   Lion of the tribe of Judah,   Living stone,   Lord,   Almighty Lord God,   Lord of all,  Lord of Glory,   Lord of lords,   Lord of Righteousness,  Maker and Preserver of all things,  the Man,  the Second Man,  Mediator, Messiah,  Mighty God,  Morning star,  Nazarene,  our Passover,  Priest forever,  Prince,  Prince of Life,  Prince of Peace,  Prophet,  Propitiation,  Redeemer,  the Righteous,  Root and offspring of David,  Ruler,  Ruler in Israel,  Ruler of the kings of the earth,  Savior,  Holy Servant,  my Servant,  Shepherd and Overseer of souls,  Shepherd in the land, Great Shepherd of the sheep, the Chief Shepherd,  the Good Shepherd,  Shiloh,  a Son,  the Son,  my beloved Son,  only begotten Son,  Son of David,  Son of God,  Son of Man,  Son of the Highest,  Star,  the Bright and Morning Star,  Sun of Righteousness,  the Truth, the Vine, the Way, faithful and true Witness, Wonderful  Word, Word of God.
      Now without being much of a theologian I can say from common sense that a list of names & titles like the above points to a very special PERSON.  It's no wonder that our calendar dates from His birth.  And He died for my sin, and then a more dynamic class act – He rose from the dead to prove all his claims.  All this just knocks me out.  I personally met this Jesus (or His Holy Spirit) on Feb 20, 1972 and five years later I got a glimpse of just Who I’d been dealing with. See link #7  “I Saw the King”.  My conclusion is simple.  Jesus Christ is all those names & titles show Him to be.  He is also the answer to this hard world which we are all living (& dying) in. Choose Jesus, He is alive & well.  In spite of hell.  "Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace:  thereby good shall come unto thee."   Job 22:21

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