The Praying Woman

       Is it true that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world?” Or “nations never rise above the quality of their women.” Dr. H. Lockyer said that. Is it true that women pray more than men? The age old gender symbols – one with an arrow, the other with a cross might suggest this. But a quick look at even Biblical women doesn’t indicate a majority that prayed. It does give several female examples of devotion & prayer – Hannah, Ruth, Anna, Dorcas, Elisabeth, Lois and of course Mary. But I can say for sure that this world knows not how much evil has been changed, and how much influence for good has been wrought by a praying mother or grandmother.
      What brings proud, self sufficient, egotistical folks & especially women to pray? I believe natural devotion is rare – ADVERSITY is the element that leads to prayer. Which gender has more desperate straights than women? Having a physical disadvantage of size & strength compared to the male, then often suffering the “barefoot & pregnant” condition is surely a big factor in why many women learn to pray.
      How do they pray? Well, according to the patterns of their family traditions or denomination. Protestants have their style, while the Catholic half of Christendom has its style. There may be a question as to who has the “inside track” with God. And the on-going battles between P & C in Belfast Ireland don’t seem to provide the answer. (The “Belfast Boogie” only shows that prayer is being neglected.)
      Here is a case of “the praying woman” type: My father’s mother Oweene married the original Fred about 1920. He was fond of booze & liked to beat his wife. Oweene knew adversity when she ran out of the house wounded & screaming down the street. And the great depression was in full bloom. Having 5 kids in this situation would lead any woman to pray . . . Then the abusive husband became sick & died. Then her only son, (my father) who helped support the family got drafted into WW2. He survived “bloody Omaha beach” and other battles unscathed, one of twelve of his 197 man unit. I would have been twice dead if it wasn’t for her prayers – dad’s close calls, then mine in Viet Nam 25 years later.
      Now a lot of folks thought Oweene was “too religious,” talking about Jesus all the time, but I think she learned to pray & KNEW the secret that God hears & answers prayer. I see the fruit of her family & ALL her children have done well. And there are about a hundred grand & great grand-children. On Aug. 5, 1987 I was heading to the hospital to say “the last good-bye” when I saw an awesome cloud formation in the direction of Prescott, AZ. It was like a large group of figures (angels?) standing around something in the center ascending into the sky. I can still see it in my mind - just an extremely inspiring & unique arrangement of clouds. Thirty minutes later we reached the hospital only to have the nurse in charge tell me “she passed away 30 minutes ago – sorry.” I believe God showed me personally & graphically just how special that “praying woman” was. And she was a Catholic.
      So what’s the point? The lady above wasn’t perfect, but she had FAITH. And any family is very fortunate to have a mother who cares enough to pray. “We know that God does not listen to sinners, but if anyone is a worshiper of God and does his will, God listens to him” (or her). John 9:31 “The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer . . .” 1 Peter 3:12 I know that making a case for prayer in this hard world is tough, but it may be the only thing that can save us – on the small scale of the individual & the large scale of the nation. Choose Jesus, He is alive – His value system and prayer is immaculate. See link 37 “What is Prayer?”  And if you are a woman, be a praying woman - it's a better deal . . .​

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